How to Choose the Perfect Timber Frame Building Design

Timber frame houses are among the most popular modern build alternatives nowadays, with nearly two thirds choosing some sort of timber framing structure to construct their dream home. There are a number of different types of timber framing buildings, including: Stick framed (also known as flat roofing), Tile and Plank framed (also know as pitched roofing), and Colonnaded or Quadrangular framed (also know as octagonal framed or hive-wing framed). With so many available options, there is sure to be a style that fits the needs of any homeowner. Here is a brief rundown of each option, along with some pros and cons of each.

A stick framed timber frame building is by far the easiest to construct. It is also one of the cheapest options, especially when you consider the materials used and the fact that they are easy to assemble. They are usually constructed from old-fashioned wooden beams and planks (hence the name) that are nailed together with nails or screws, with a few pieces left over to allow for expansion later on. The beams are placed into the wall on the inside and are then held up by mortise and tenon joinery. As with a traditional wood frame, there is a choice of styles, from cedar and redwood to soft woods like pine.

Tile and plank construction is similar to stick framing, but the only difference is the method of construction. With tile and plank construction, there are many more options for the beams. There can be headers and columns, as well as cornices and beams, making it possible for a much larger home to be constructed. And because the timber framing is a renewable resource, there is also no need for a building permit, saving the consumer money and providing a green construction option as well. View here for more details about timber frame building designs.

Colonnades and hives are probably the most recognized type of timber frame building. These are usually easy to recognize because they use an arch shape to create support for the walls. Again, there are many styles and choices of wood from which to choose. Like many other forms of construction, colonnades require a permit, so it is not possible for homeowners to do it themselves. It is also very important to have someone on site to help during the installation process, just in case some of the wood gets in the way.

A very efficient method of construction is new construction, which stands for "very strong timber frame buildings". The reason for this is that the building is literally built off the floor, so that all of the lumber is on the floor and attached to everything with screws and nails. Although this process does require more materials than other methods, it is a very sustainable way to construct a new home. Not only is it a green construction option but it's are extremely powerful as well, with the ability to hold immense weight as well as provide plenty of space for a large family. Read more here about the best timber frame building designs

While the process of vtw construction might be more complicated, it can also be a lot less costly than traditional methods. You might think that the money saved on construction would simply be put towards the down payment on a new home, but in fact, much of the savings can be applied to paying off the home loan. Many homeowners will choose to take out a mortgage, because even though interest rates have remained relatively low on mortgages over the past few years, many people still cannot afford to make their monthly payments. By taking out a timber framing and construction loan, homeowners can pay off the existing debt, while at the same time adding a brand new floor and wall to their home. Find out more details in relation to this topic here: